A specialty service available at Skunkworks Bikes are the “Personally Engineered Wheels”, where we tailor each wheelset to suit the needs and desires of the individual rider. 

We create a detailed profile of each cyclist, and discuss each customers’ riding style and “wheel wish list”. We then select the appropriate hubs, spoke counts and lacing patters to suit every customers’ individual preference. By analyzing the unique profile of each cyclist, we tailor every wheel set to ensure it provides the best balance between performance and longevity, and ensures the best value to the customer.

We know our customers want strong and reliable wheels, so we source the best carbon or alloy rims, spokes and hubs from across Australia and around the world. While other custom builds are available, the preferred rim, spoke and hub combinations described below ensure that the custom wheel builds at Skunkworks Bikes are strong and lightweight without compromising on performance.

Skunkworks Bikes is New South Wales’ only custom builder of Curve Cycling’s new UCI certified  generation 4 carbon clincher rims in 25mm, 35mm, 45mm, 55mm and 70mm. These rims are the core of our personally engineered wheel products. These strong and fast rims have basalt brake tracks and high temperature resin, giving them superior braking, and increased heat management and safety. Curve Cycling’s carbon clinchers also come with a 2 year warranty and crash replacement. Curve Cycling is also an Australian owned company which supports road and cross racing around the country, and sponsors a number of national level racers. 


The new Easton R90SL  is the traditional alloy rim at Skunkworks Bikes. These new rims  are a strong, stiff and light at round 450 grams each. Available in 20h up to 32h and in  disk only format. At 24mm wide by 27mm deep these rims tick a lot of boxes also they happen to be made in the same factory as the rim considered by wheel builders to be the gold standard 


Sapim Cx-ray are used at Skunkworks Bikes as they are the gold standard in lightweight spokes and are the strongest in the market. Marwi Titanium spokes are also available for custom order in a range of bright colours, saving around 40 grams per wheelset. 

The primary hubs used at Skunkworks Bikes are the White Industry T11 and the Wheels MFG Alchemy hubs . The T11s are the cost effective option with  larger bearings, a titanium freehub, great bracing angles and a simple and effective preload system. The Alchemy Hubs on the other hand offer all the same features bar the Ti freehub and tip the scales at over 100 grams a pair lighter, these hubs have rapidly become the house favourite 

If weight is your key concern, the Extralite Cyber hubs are an amazing piece of engineering, with the pair tipping the scales at 179 grams. The Extralite Cyber hubs are simple to service, and have a straightforward preload system, high drive side tension limits with a good non drive side balance.

Whether you are looking for the bling of ChrisKing or the reliability of DT Swiss, these are available at Skunkworks Bikes. 

Other custom builds are available, so please contact Skunkwork Bikes to discuss options for your next pair of personally engineered wheels!